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Throughout its tenure at dOCUMENTA, the jaima continues to generate projects and presentations by artists, anthropologists, humanitarian workers and others who ascribe to the artistry and poetics of Sahrawi peace and hospitality. 

Most notable among those archives is a discussion by Federico Guzmán (vimeo link) about his visit to Western Sahara's occupied territory, Kirby Gookin's encyclopedic resource guide/portal Western Sahara Resource Center, and Francis Gomila + Khalil Haj 's interactive site linking live events scheduled between the tent in Kassel and the Tindouf Refugee Camps (LIVE STREAM here and

Every week, new planned and spontaneous projects are introduced and discussed in GradCam's site  

All past and future events that take place as a part of "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking" are listed on the dOCUMENTA(13) calendar

For a selection of some of GradCam's posts see:
towards questions | the quiet act of sharing (Beatrice Jarvis)
Adaptable Vegetable Medley With Curry and Spices (Amy Walsh +Beatrice Jarvis)
Recipe Exchange | Food for sharing  (Amy Walsh + Beatrice Jarvis)
Occupying Roles (Amy Walsh + Ashlinn White)

An offshoot project in the spirit of Dining in Refugee Camps is the compilation of a D13 video-cookbook that will eventually be published in book form.  This idea was conceived in the cooking caravan of the installation in an exchange between myself and Dave Loder  (representing the excellent associates of GradCam).  As I was wondering what to do with a surplus of potatoes left over after the departure of the Sahrawi women's cooperative, Dave remarked that as a son of Belfast, he could make a rich Potato Soup.  And so this first recipe action gave birth to the idea of inviting various volunteers working within dOCUMENTA or living in Kassel to the installation to prepare dishes from and share conversations about their countries of origin.  The project, overseen by GradCam, continues to grow with new video entries of conversations with visitors discussing topics ranging from "hospitality" to "occupation" in relation to the installation and to Western Sahara.  
See also GradCam's first foray into The Art of Sahrawi Cooking:
GradCam Cookbook Papers  ("The 1st Recipe Salon on the Flatbread Earth," Dublin Feb. 2012)

Additionally, the not-for-profit organization Make Art With Purpose is working with me to highlight The Art of Sahrawi Cooking; and Creative Time has invited me to develop a podcast that features Western Sahara as a part of their new Global Initiatives Project.

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