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Robin Kahn, Victoria's Secret, 1995. (mixed media, photocopies, paper, acrylic, canvas)

Listen or read my interview with Sandi Klein on the Sandi Klein's Conversations with Creative Women:

Robin Kahn, Artist and Curator

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-dOCUMENTA(13): The Art of Sahrawi Cooking
-dOCUMENTA(13) Events+Activities for The Art of Sahrawi Cooking
-Upcoming Projects Related to Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking 
-Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking (Autonomedia, 2009)
-Anthologies conceived and edited by Robin Kahn
-Robin Kahn's Artist's Books
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Interviews about dOCUMENTA(13), The Art of Sahrawi Cooking

This just in: A very in-depth interview with Chrysanne Stathacos and Susan Silas about  The Art of Sahrawi Cooking for  dOCUMENTA(13) (see below) has just been posted on their online magazine Mommy where I discuss its relation to my overall artistic project. The interview has also been picked up by Roger Denson on Huffington Post with some additional commentary.
AND... Here's another interview with Stephanie Bailey for Ibraaz "A Woman's Place?" with a bit of a different take and an artist project accompanying it called Sahrawi Scrapbook.

dOCUMENTA 13: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking

Robin Kahn + La Cooperativa Unidad Nacional Mujeres Saharauis at.....
Kassel, Germany
June 9 - September 15, 2012

Working with a collective of women from Western Sahara, we created “The Art of Sahrawi Cooking,” an installation and series of events for dOCUMENTA(13).  Inspired by my book Dining in Refuge Camps, the project embodied the notion that the word for “family” and “tent” (jaima) are the same in Hassanyia, the Saharawi’s Arabic dialect.  By transporting the tent (the center of social life in the camps) from the sands of Refugee Camp 27 Febrero to the soil of the Karlsaue Park in Kassel, our jaima--whose colorful interior glowed as if dipped in magical saffron--emitted a beacon across the park.

During the exhibition’s first two weeks, we inaugurated “The Couscous Event.”  Drawn by the sounds of Sahrawi Blues into the lushly accommodating interior of our jaima, visitors were welcome to sit down, enjoy a bowl of couscous and a conversation with Sahrawi women about their lives. Each day, more than 750 people stopped by, rested and experienced the transforming effect of “Sahrawi hospitality.”  The creative artistry of  La Cooperative Unidad Nacional Mujeres Saharauis represented by Chaiaa Salek Ali, Fatma Galia Sidi Lounat, Horria Belal Mahumud, Tfarra Hanafi Erguebi, Nadjat Hamdi,  Mouna M'd Keina, Gbenaha Mint Bani, Ezzana Barka Mohamed, Nadjat Hamdi, and The Esteemed Minister of Culture, Khadiija Hamdi spread the message of a future of Sahrawi independence and freedom!

All past and future events that take place as a part of "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking" are listed on the dOCUMENTA(13) calendar.

Reviews of the exhibition:  Kunstforum   New York Times   Art in America

For Video:    RASD TV        VernissageTV       

Some views of the Jaima in the Karlsaue park outside the Orangerie in Kassel (others available on this facebook link here):
Hanging out inside the jaima

Exterior View of Jaima: exit
Exterior View: Entrance to Jaima
Exterior view: Entrance

                                              Family Celebration

Events+Activities at d13 for The Art of Sahrawi Cooking Jaima

Throughout its tenure at dOCUMENTA, the jaima continues to generate projects and presentations by artists, anthropologists, humanitarian workers and others who ascribe to the artistry and poetics of Sahrawi peace and hospitality. 

Most notable among those archives is a discussion by Federico Guzmán (vimeo link) about his visit to Western Sahara's occupied territory, Kirby Gookin's encyclopedic resource guide/portal Western Sahara Resource Center, and Francis Gomila + Khalil Haj 's interactive site linking live events scheduled between the tent in Kassel and the Tindouf Refugee Camps (LIVE STREAM here and

Every week, new planned and spontaneous projects are introduced and discussed in GradCam's site  

All past and future events that take place as a part of "The Art of Sahrawi Cooking" are listed on the dOCUMENTA(13) calendar

For a selection of some of GradCam's posts see:
towards questions | the quiet act of sharing (Beatrice Jarvis)
Adaptable Vegetable Medley With Curry and Spices (Amy Walsh +Beatrice Jarvis)
Recipe Exchange | Food for sharing  (Amy Walsh + Beatrice Jarvis)
Occupying Roles (Amy Walsh + Ashlinn White)

An offshoot project in the spirit of Dining in Refugee Camps is the compilation of a D13 video-cookbook that will eventually be published in book form.  This idea was conceived in the cooking caravan of the installation in an exchange between myself and Dave Loder  (representing the excellent associates of GradCam).  As I was wondering what to do with a surplus of potatoes left over after the departure of the Sahrawi women's cooperative, Dave remarked that as a son of Belfast, he could make a rich Potato Soup.  And so this first recipe action gave birth to the idea of inviting various volunteers working within dOCUMENTA or living in Kassel to the installation to prepare dishes from and share conversations about their countries of origin.  The project, overseen by GradCam, continues to grow with new video entries of conversations with visitors discussing topics ranging from "hospitality" to "occupation" in relation to the installation and to Western Sahara.  
See also GradCam's first foray into The Art of Sahrawi Cooking:
GradCam Cookbook Papers  ("The 1st Recipe Salon on the Flatbread Earth," Dublin Feb. 2012)

Additionally, the not-for-profit organization Make Art With Purpose is working with me to highlight The Art of Sahrawi Cooking; and Creative Time has invited me to develop a podcast that features Western Sahara as a part of their new Global Initiatives Project.

Upcoming Projects Related to Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking

Centro Atlantico Arte Moderno,
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,
October, 2012

The not-for-profit organization Make Art With Purpose is working with me to highlight  The Art of Sahrawi Cooking; and Creative Time has invited me to develop a podcast that features Western Sahara as a part of their new Global Initiatives Project: Creative Time Reports.

Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking

published by AUTONOMEDIA
** For ordering information, click HERE

Un Libro De Cocina Saharaui

A bilingual, collage journal that documents her month spent living and cooking with the women of the Western Sahara.

As a guest artist selected to participate in ARTifariti 2009, Kahn stayed with Sahrawi families living in refugee camps in Algeria and in the desert of The Free Territories of the Western Sahara. There she created the collages for this publication by combining the sparse materials available locally with photos, recipes, histories and drawings. The result is a 50-page full-color journal that examines the art of Sahrawi food production: how kitchens are improvised, food is procured and prepared, and traditional recipes are innovated from UN rations and international aid. The book is a testament to the daily struggles of Sahrawi women whose role is to provide sustenance, fortitude and comfort inside a compromised society.

Sample pages from the Cookbook (click to enlarge):

Dining in Refugee Camps: Book Launch with Printed Matter at NY ART BOOK FAIR, (MoMA/PS1)

6 PM
NOVEMBER 5-7, 2010

published by AUTONOMEDIA

Links involving Dining in Refugee Camps

GradCam Cookbook Papers 
("The 1st Recipe Salon on the Flatbread Earth," Dublin Feb. 2012)

Ojos de la Noche: Caravana por la Paz

Dr. DoDiddily and the Dee Dots: The N, E and West Africa: Dining...

ARTifariti 2009 catalogue (pp. 40-41, 49)

ARTifariti 2010 catalogue (pp. 22-23, 145)

Art as a Weapon in Western Sahara: New Strategies in the Fight for Independence

Left Forum
Left Forum Panel
Facebook Event

Press Release:

Autonomedia, Kirby Gookin & Robin Kahn present:

Art as a Weapon in Western Sahara:

New Strategies in the Fight for Independence

Saturday March 19, 2011 3:00 to 5:00 pm

Pace University 1 Pace Plaza New York, NY Room: W-614

Western Sahara, formerly the Spanish Sahara, is Africa’s last colony. Rejecting the UN’s resolution to decolonize and the International Court of Justice’s call for a referendum on self-determination for the indigenous Sahrawi people, Spain instead granted sovereignty over the territory to Morocco and Mauritania. For more than 35 years, the Sahrawi people led by the POLISARIO Front (recognized by the UN as their legitimate representative) have been fighting for independence and the right to determine their own future. Today more than 150,000 Sahrawis are exiled in refugee camps in Algeria, and over a hundred thousand more suffer oppression and human rights abuses under Moroccan occupation inside their homeland.

This panel will present cultural programs recently initiated to bring global attention and support to the Sahrawi struggle. Each panelist has worked in Western Sahara and the refugee camps, and, with the exception of Mr. Said, participated in ARTifariti, an annual “arts for human rights festival” held in the Liberated Territory of Western Sahara.

Kirby Gookin, Department of Art, Steinhardt School of Education, New York University and participant in ARTifariti 2010, will moderate and provide a brief background of the conflict.

Mouloud Said, Frente POLISARIO, Representative of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in Washington, DC, will discuss the current state of the conflict.

Robin Kahn, artist, curator and participant in ARTifariti 2009, will speak about her time spent living with Sahrawi families in the refugee camps and her new book Dining in Refugee Camps: The Art of Sahrawi Cooking (Autonomedia, 2010).

Federico Guzmán, artist and co-curator of ARTifariti 2010, will present Lxs Desconocidxs: Retratos de Desaparecidxs Saharauis / The Unknown: Portraits of the Sahrawi Disappeared, an arts initiative designed to preserve the memory of the Sahrawi people who have disappeared under Moroccan occupation.

Alonso Gil, artist and co-curator of ARTifariti 2010, will present Sahara Libre Wear, a commercial fashion line produced in the refugee camps.

Francis Gomila, artist, participant in ARTifariti 2009, will present Wall of Shame F Word Tour.

PLEASE NOTE: DATE and ROOM subject to change

SOS International: Publications as Public Space

Promotional Copy, 1993.
Robin Kahn, editor
NY: SOS Int’l and Mimi Somerby
(Distributed by DAP)
$30   *** For ordering information, click Here)

A copyright-free yellow pages of and for the art community, Promotional Copy contains original advertisements by more than 250 contemporary artists. “Providing a wry and often hilarious look at the vanities and absurdities of the contemporary art world, it is created as an alternative exhibition space where artists can advertise their projects, wares and ideas at no cost.”-DAP catalog

"Created as an alternative exhibition space for artists to advertise their projects and ideas at no cost, PROMOTIONAL COPY is a bound anthology of self-promotional advertisements designed by artists, collaboratives, poets, and writers. Printed on yellow newsprint and organized alphabetically by category (Evil, Experimental Epistemology, Eye-Witness Accounts), let your fingers do the walking through the hundreds of entries from hundreds of artists." -Printed Matter

Sample Pages:

Promotional Copy Publication Party and Exhibition: Guggenheim SoHo

Time Capsule: A Concise Encyclopedia by Women Artists, 1995

Robin Kahn, editor
New York, NY: Creative Time + SOS International, 1995
Part of Creative Time Citywide public art program.(Distributed by DAP)
$30 *** For ordering information, click Here)

Synopsis: This book was published to commemorate the United Nations' Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. All submissions from women around the world are contained unedited in Time Capsule. Edited by Robin Kahn with introductory essays by Kathy Acker and Avital Ronell. (Printed Matter)

An open anthology of visual art and texts by more than 500 artists, writers, performers from around the world. “Compiled on the occasion of the Third International Women’s Conference in Beijing, editor Robin Kahn invited women artists to contribute messages expressing their critical and creative concerns at the end of the Millennium. With parallel introductions by Kathy Acker and Avital Ronell.” –DAP catalog

Creative Time website: Citywide:
Published to commemorate the United Nations’ 4th World Conference on Women in Beijng, China, Creative Time and SOS International published Time Capsule: A Concise Encyclopedia by Women Artists. The seven hundred page anthology contains visual and textual essays by more than five hundred women artists from countries all over the world, including Kenya, the Czech Republic, Russia, Cuba, and more. Prominent artists represented in this volume include April Gornik, the Guerilla Girls, Lynda Benglis, Vivienne Koorland, Svetlana Kopystiansky, Joan Jonas, Alison Knowles, Barbara Kruger, Carolee Schneemann, Rosemarie Castoro, Yayoi Kusama, and May Stevens.

Pages: 686 p.
Edition size: 3000
ISBN: 1881616339

Sample Pages:

Time Capsule Event; an exchange of multiples between contributors held at Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC:

                            Mary Beth Edelson

Dina Weiss

                                                                                                        An Exchange

Wooster Street outside Paula Cooper Gallery

                                                                                                        Robin Kahn with contributors

Lisa Deanne Smith and admirer

Artist's Books

The Intelligent Woman's Guide To Art
By Robin Kahn
NY: Mis Dias Press, 2005
Hardcover, 5 x 7 in. / 34 pgs / 26 color.

** For ordering information, click HERE

 The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Art is a new book built on the pages of an old one, a smart, witty take on art history collaged over the text and images of a 1950s introduction to fine art for "club women." Conceptual artist Robin Kahn has bound that palimpsest as a board-book for beginners looking for a fresh and informed entry into contemporary art through the work of a woman artist and curator, and her work reflects changes in both the art world and its audience. A section on recommendations that once directed readers to Mondrian, Jacques-Louis David and Degas now suggests they check out, among others listed by category, "Mannerist: Lorna Simpson"; "Screamer: Yoko Ono;" and "Dildo Strapper: Lynda Benglis." The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Art is a comic alternative to art history, an art-historically minded piece of art, and a beautifully crafted, colored and reproduced work in itself.

Sample Pages (click to enlarge):

Sexual Lovemaking for Dummies
By Robin Kahn

Published by Mis Dias Press, 2004
Paperback, 8.5 x 5.5 in./100 pgs / 56 b+w illustrations

 *** Out-of-Print

A pseudo-50s how-to manual, Sexual Lovemaking for Dummies shows you how to have a healthy and exciting sexual relationship with your spouse. Language is descriptive and sexually explicit; expository illustrations of lovemaking positions star wooden dummies as you have (perhaps) never seen them before.

Sample Page
Fred + Frieda: 
                 A Tragedy
By Robin Kahn

Published by Miss Dias Press, 2000
$30.00  **Ordering information Here

This small narrative booklet of ink drawings tells the story of Fred, who liked to paint pictures, and Frieda, who liked to eat until her feelings were hurt by an unkind depiction of her voracity. Her reaction, and the tragedy that ensues, will act as a lesson to hungry muses everywhere. (Printed Matter)

Selection of Recent Work

Napkin Collages (click on images for Hi Res)

Studio View 2009: Cocktail Napkin collages, Domesticated Tree sculptures and Nice Container vase with flowers.

Studio Installation View, 2009
(Party Napkin collages, Domesticated Tree sculptures and Nice Container Vase with flowers)